Welcome at website of psychadelic trance project Rahatmahatix. 
     I come from a musical family and have been involved with music from the age of 13. I have been playing this style of music (synthpop, electro, e.b.m.), 
     since I was 14, which was just after the end of the communism regime. In the past, I have been interested in Psychic TV, The Coil, The Orb, Orbital, Nine Inch Nails, 
     Ministry, Recoil, Kraftwerk, ect......
     After my friend brought me a cd by psytrance, I realised that this type of music is right for me; the crazy, wildness of the melody was a new experience that I had not 
     heard before. For me, its music with the right energy.
     After 2 years I started playing as a DJ psy-trance, and now i have my own production.       

     When I first played this psy-trance at a party not many people even recognised this music.
     I play at parties and clubs which also play techno music, ect. At that time the psy-trance scene did not exist in Slovakia. Slowly it started to develope, 
     thanks to the people from the Cosmic dance group of which I was resident.

     Upto 2004 I was playing music like a DJ and was gradually introdcing my own tracks. After this I introduced just my own live act production. 
     I am trying to make my music in my own style, atmostphere, mood ect..
     In my studio, I  prefer to use my own hardware equipment. Studio

     I have been playing music for 9 years and have played in Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary. 
     I was playing with world famous projects, Charasmatix, Dark Soho, Digital Talk, Mr. Pekuliar, Azax Syndrom, Parahalu, Galactika, Black and White, C. P. U.,
     Neuromotor, and more.
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